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22/10/2016 – A bit of history and a different view of the origins of the conflict in Syria.

29/09/2016 – An interesting article by Andrew Doyle

Goodbye New Labour: Victorious Corbyn consigns Blairism to history

28/09/2016 – Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech to the Labour Party Conference

Find out who your MEP is:

Then check out what they have done in the European Parliament. Just click on their name to get to their page, then click on the Parliamentary Activities tab to get to the list of all their speeches etc. Clicking on the item will take you to what they actually did or said in debates :

This one is about the changing tide in the EU and how what may have been a bright vision of unity and co-operation has disintegrated.

As the European Union grew over the past 20 years, it looked like a party that was never going to end. Practically all the continent’s nations were invited. Those left out got rain checks.”

The promise of Europe looks to be over. Liberal democracy — even in England, its home — looks weak and flabby. German hubris carries a good deal of the blame.”

A video and short piece on the demonstrations and riots in Brussels during the morning.

I personally was watching this live in the morning, police in riot gear were darting forward from their lines and grabbing people, then they turned the water cannons on the others. Bit of a mess, just like the riots in Paris a week or so ago. It’s happening everywhere across the EU, the whole system is crumbling as people rebel against austerity measures and union reforms. Time to get out I think.

Here’s a more detailed report of the same event.

An article on the rise of far right politics across Europe