Comments on ‘Novichok: the deadly story behind the nerve agent in Sergei Skripal spy attack’

Comments on Novichok: the deadly story behind the nerve agent in Sergei Skripal spy attack

1. The article states that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its own people – this is not proven.

Since World War I, however, chemical weapons have been used by… the Syrian government against its own people.” Who controls them?, para 3

This is mentioned again in Novichok Family, para 7

2. The article states that a nerve agent was used in Salisbury – this has yet to be determined and has been ruled out by the Consultant at Salisbury hospital [iv].

There is no doubt that nerve agents similar to the Novichok family exist, something that has been described by defectors from Russia. One of these was used to poison the Skripals and Bailey.” Novichok Family, para 1

Some further reading for you:


.@RussiaUN: in 1992 Russia closed all Soviet chemical weapons programmes. Some of the scientists were flown to the West (incl UK) where they continued research. To identify a substance, formula and samples are needed – means UK has capacity to produce suspected nerve agent.



The saga of the #SkripalCase, gets curiouser:


2. Findings of 2016 Iranian study on novichok derivatives sent to OPCW as per: … The paper mentioned chemicals from US & Germany & lab equipment from Germany. Mrs May told big lies.


Stephen Davies, consultant in emergency medicine at Salisbury NHS Trust, has blown Teresa May’s novichok story out of the water, pointing out that no Salisbury victim has exhibited symptoms of exposure to a nerve agent.

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