In Reply to Matthew Rycroft

In reply to Matthew Rycroft

  1. Russia did not veto an investigation, they rejected the text of a draft resolution which appeared to prejudge blame for the incident in Idlib.

    voting on un resolution 04-2017

  2. One of the main reasons the UK is pursuing their stance on Syria, by continually attacking President Assad and his government, is because they are backing the USA’s wish to reduce Russia’s perceived influence in the Middle East and, of course, to push through their preferred gas pipeline plan. They hope this will reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian supplied gas, while benefiting Turkey, Saudi, Qatar etc., and increasing US influence in both the Middle East and Europe. (See also

    Iran pipelinePipeline backed by Syria, Iran & Russia

    Qatar pipelinePipeline backed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, UK & US

  3. The UK government does not care about the Syrian people, what the Syrian people want or what is best for Syria. They just want to get their own way. They completely disregard the fact that the majority of people living in government controlled areas are happy with President Assad’s government.

    syr pop under control percentagesOver 70% of Syrians are living in government controlled areas

    pro gov aleppo rally 190117Pro-government/Assad rally held in Aleppo in January 2017

  4. The UK government, in conjunction with the USA and other allies, has been pushing this agenda since around 2009/10 and is why David Cameron was so insistent on backing Turkey to become a member of the EU.

    Cameron Erdogan 2010Cameron in Turkey in 2010

    David-Cameron-supports turkey for euCameron speaking in Parliament in October 2015

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