We Are Being Herded, Like Sheep!

Recent events have shown just how little autonomy we really have. We are given the illusion of freedom by being ‘encouraged’ to take to the streets in protest at Trump’s actions on Women’s Rights and visa restrictions, yet we are not doing the same for the things that really matter here in the UK.

The same media, which a few weeks ago was ‘outraged’ at how much money was being spent on the Royal Family, now tells us we should be ‘outraged’ at Her Majesty being made to suffer a State Visit from Trump.

Our NHS, Community Services and Welfare Benefits are being underfunded, cut, mismanaged and subsequently contracted out to private companies while we sit at home fuming at our keyboards.

Why aren’t we out on the streets protesting now at people dying on trolleys in our hospitals while waiting to be seen or sick children being forced to rest on plastic chairs because there are no beds? Why are we just posting online about the horrors of homelessness and people freezing to death on our streets? Why aren’t we marching on Downing Street or Westminster to demand that something is done about people being obliged to rely on Food Banks or killing themselves because they are penniless, starving and have reached rock bottom?

There is a protest march planned for the first week in March, but by then the worst of the winter crisis in our hospitals will be over, the weather will be more clement and no doubt the media will have been fed something else to take attention away from what is really important.

We will continue to trot along, like the good little sheep we are, believing that we are ‘doing something’ when we are prompted by the media sheepdogs to protest things that really don’t make much difference to us here in the UK. All the while our ‘masters’ will be herding us down the path they choose, shearing away our protections, our dignity, our freedoms. Like lambs to the slaughter.

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