Aleppo & The Myth of ‘Free Syria’

Recent reports coming out of Aleppo, since the departure of the terrorists, highlight just how destructive their presence was.

Businesses, factories, schools and hospitals have been systematically stripped of all valuable equipment and made unusable, plus the means of producing electricity and clean drinking water have been damaged and will take millions to repair and bring back into full service.

This above everything demonstrates that this was never about a ‘Free Syria’. Had this been the objective then no asset stripping or damage would have taken place. Those involved in the takeover, while initially violent, would have wanted to retain the means to continue with a normal life for the people.

A ‘Free Syria’ would not have involved terrorising the local people through killings, torture, starvation and being deprived of medical help, nor would it have restricted freedom of movement or worship and the imposition of a system of ‘laws’ intended to keep people in subjugation.

It is quite obvious that the whole point of it all was/is to use Western-backed terrorists to reduce Syria to a demoralised state so that those who want to control what happens there i.e. the US and allies, can take over and do as they please. They have no interest in the wellbeing of the Syrian people.

Trouble is, that as with their previous attempts to dominate Middle East countries, they have lost control of the situation. The ‘rebels’ no longer dance to the tune they are playing and the Syrian people are made of much sterner stuff than they anticipated.

It’s also no surprise that western media are not reporting the accounts of the liberated people of Aleppo or that they are ignoring the destruction caused by the ‘rebels’ both in Aleppo and in Damascus where the poisoning and disruption of the water supply has affected millions of people. Firstly, it does not fit with the image of Syria that they want people to believe and secondly, most of their ‘on the ground’ reporters were obliged to leave Aleppo on the green buses with the rest of the terrorists.

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