Seven Easy Steps to Brexit

What is all the fuss about Brexit? Here’s what we have to do:

  1. Sort out the right to trigger Article 50, which, if Cameron had had advisors worth even a fraction of their fees, should have been included in the Referendum Bill.

  2. Trigger Article 50 – we then have two years to sort stuff out.

  3. Repeal the European Community Act 1972 with savings, i.e. just get rid of the agreement to join the EC (EU), the bit about free movement and the bit about trade agreements outside the EU. Keep all the rest – for now.

  4. Spend two years haggling with the EU over how much their trade losses will be if they don’t give us a good deal, while continuing to trade as we do now.

  5. Spend the same two years lining up good deals with the rest of the world under WTO rules, with a bit of haggling to make sure we get the best rate going.

  6. Take our own sweet time going through the mass of EU legislation that will then be ours. Scrap what we don’t want and keep and/or improve on the bits we do want.

  7. Sit back and sigh at a job well done.

T’aint rocket science, just needs a clear head and common sense.

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