Homegrown Oligarchs and Regimes

Just looking through my Twitter feed this morning I was struck by the use of the words ‘regime’ and ‘oligarchy’. Both refer to a type of government but, in common usage, usually refer to an ‘authoritarian’ form of government, presumably one step below a ‘dictatorship’.

Most often they are used to describe governments that the writer doesn’t like such as, at the moment, Russia or Syria, but could just as easily be applied to our current government.

‘Regime’ acquires it’s negative connotation from it’s association with regimented or rigid and our government can definitely be seen as being rigid in it’s application of policies which have been proven to be detrimental to the majority of UK citizens.

This in turn leads to ‘oligarchy’ which is the rule of many by an elite few. Again it is obvious that our government’s actions are determined by the wishes of an elite few who really don’t care if the poor get poorer and people suffer just as long as they can live in ease and comfort.

Once it was the ‘ruling class’, the gentry and nobles, who were seen as the oppressors, but most of them are irrelevant now. The downtrodden masses of the French Revolution wouldn’t give most of them more than a passing glance.

The current determinant of power and elitism is Money. Anyone who manages to acquire a lot of money, by fair means or foul, can now expect to have a say in what happens to the rest of the population.

If one looks at the 2016 list of billionaires[1] there are only two Lords named and both of them received their peerages because of business and political interests and, of course, because they had money.

I’m sure that any number of billionaires, millionaires etc., are very nice people in general, but some do have an over-riding sense of entitlement to dictate how the country should be run, based on the amount of wealth they have acquired and to which they want to keep adding.

They are the oligarchs and in many ways they ‘own’ the Conservative regime, if not directly through monetary means, then by way of influence.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_British_by_net_worth

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