Labour’s New Look

Found this online today:

The Labour Party·

Meet Clive Lewis MP.”I’d like to think those kind of leadership skills that I discovered in the army you can bring into this position as a Shadow Defence Minister. What’s so important about defence is our armed services themselves… our sons, our daughters, our cousins, our nephews, our nieces.”
Clive Lewis MP, our Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, tells us his story.

One of the comments was this:
Bill Rollinson: I’m ex-Labour, stopped voting when Blair lied to us in 1998, reneged on his promise of a referendum. But you blame the Tories, when it was Blair who sent our troops into Iraq, ILLEGALLY! Now we’ve had Cameron do exactly the same in Libya and Syria. Why can’t you wake up and see, we are fighting for bankers! Saddam and Gaddafi stopped using the dollar to sell their oil. Assad doesn’t use the dollar and wont allow them to build a pipeline across his country. Brazil have been Regime Changed by US for the same thing, now all their oil is being placed in US Corporation hands? The BRICS have been excluded from TPP-TTIP because they wont use the dollar, they have gold backed currencies. The Bankers are scared of losing their influence with the dollar and US of losing their hegemony! WW2 was started the same way! ” When the Weimar Republic collapsed economically, it opened the door for the National Socialists to take power. Their first financial move was to issue their own state currency which was not borrowed from private central bankers. Freed from having to pay interest on the money in circulation, Germany blossomed and quickly began to rebuild its industry. The media called it “The German Miracle”. TIME magazine lionized Hitler for the amazing improvement in life for the German people and the explosion of German industry, and even named him TIME Magazine’s “Man Of The Year” in 1938″

I felt sorry that he was so disillusioned, so I posted this in answer:

I quite agree that the US and the bankers have deliberately destabilised the Middle East in an effort to gain control of resources there, such as gas and oil. The current trouble in Syria started with the battle of the pipelines – the US and it’s allies wanted it to follow one route, while Assad and Syria’s allies had already signed an agreement for it to take a different route. The US “encouraged” and armed the “rebels” specifically to try to get rid of Assad and negate the signed agreement.
We’ve been complicit in this and even now our FCO and the mainstream media are painting Assad as the “bad guy”. Admittedly he’s no angel, but a lot of what he’s supposed to have done has been engineered by others not sympathetic to his remaining as President.
Our “special relationship” with the US has meant that we have danced to their tune, played by the military with the bankers as backing, far too many times and been drawn into all sorts of ridiculous situations which are still coming back to bite us.
However, I don’t see this as a reason to sound off at Labour’s bright, new Shadow Ministers. From what I’ve seen they are doing a great job. Much better than the other lot who flounced off because they couldn’t get everything their own way, trying to drag the Party back to the “glory days” of Blairism.
The newly re-elected Labour leader and his Shadow Cabinet are putting out a new type of politics that appeals to ordinary people. Which is why so many of us have actually committed to joining the Party. Currently over half a million members. It won’t sit in the US’s pocket and it certainly won’t pander to the bankers. It’s all about real people, living real lives, trying to make ends meet and do a bit of living, instead of just existing or even giving up, which some do.
I’m not a professional blogger, or an activist or anything else. I’m just a retired nurse, with MS, bringing up my grandson on a pittance from the government and an NHS pension frozen at last year’s rate and I’ve finally found something I can believe in and find hope with. Why not join me, (re)join Labour.

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