Everything seems to be back to front at the moment.

Everything seems to be back to front at the moment. Our elected government, having given us a choice, are acting like parents who, in a moment of enthusiasm, suggested a trip to the beach, but now really just want the kids to go back to watching television while they get on with doing “grown-up” stuff.

Instead of making the sandwiches and packing stuff in the car they are busy pointing out that it looks cloudy and will probably rain.

Instead of planning ahead and thinking what alternative places there are to visit or what things can still be done if it does start to rain, they are trying to get out of doing anything at all.

Seeing that we still want to go out, they are now telling us that we’re misbehaving, threatening to cut our pocket money, withdraw treats for the foreseeable future and send us to bed with no supper.

What our government should be doing is making reasonable plans to minimise any negative effects from whatever “stormy weather” we may encounter. Looking ahead and planning how to make the best of what may happen, for all of us. Not making dire predictions, upsetting everyone, including the neighbours, with all the noise and fuss and flouncing around in a temper.

Their job is to make sure the UK flourishes whatever the outcome of the referendum so, instead of treating us like importunate children, they should be taking on board our concerns, making plans and taking action so that we all come out of it better equipped to deal with the future.

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