An open letter to Jeremy Corbyn on workers rights and the EU.

You are making the wrong argument. In your effort to strike a blow at the Tory government you are throwing the twin babies of Labour credibility and our country’s future out with the bathwater.

Nobody is going to dare to water anything down, least of all workers rights, because that would be political suicide. We’ve seen in France and Belgium what happens when it is tried and the great British public is not above showing it’s displeasure in the same manner. We also know how to strike and cause disruption.

Four years down the line there will be a general election, sooner perhaps if the Tory election fraud is proved, and do you think you will be able to count on the votes of all those who you have abandoned now.
You are the one who is trying to curtail our rights, in particular our right to self determination.

This referendum was your chance to set out your stall for the future of the UK and the future of the Labour Party. You could have campaigned against Cameron and his little cohort of out-of-touch bullies and asset strippers. Instead you are doing your best to make it possible for them to continue on for another four years running our country, and it’s people, into the ground. By choosing to campaign for the Remain group you are not tackling any of the problems you see in the country,  you are actively assisting in the process of reducing this country to a mere ‘State’ in the grey conformity of the European Union.

It’s very easy to influence the people who do not think any deeper than where they will go on holiday next year or whether to get a new suite or a bigger television, and those who’s only concern is how to make more and more money, but you’re neglecting those of us who can actually see that sinking our identity into the amorphous blob of the EU is a recipe for failure.

The EU is collapsing under the weight of its own regulations and restrictions. Protectionist policies, propping up the weak and the under performing, are placing an increasingly heavy burden on those who are doing the job right. Austerity measures are stunting economic growth. Even the IMF have now admitted what should have been obvious, that people with money in their pockets will demand more goods which in turn leads to more manufacturing, more jobs, more trade and more prosperity.
Massive unemployment in the struggling southern member states such as Spain, Greece and Italy is causing mass migration north to those countries, like our own, which have lower unemployment, and newer member states, who have lower standards and less efficient social safety nets, are also drawn to those areas where people have worked for decades to put good standards and good social welfare in place. This is without even thinking of what will happen when the next group of countries join.

Far right, nationalist groups are coming to the fore everywhere, including our own country, as people rebel against the loss of identity forced on us by being a ‘Member State’. Austria just barely escaped in their election and nationalist parties are gaining traction in France, Germany and many other places. Thankfully, people here recognise that such extreme politics should not be part of our modern society. However, we do appreciate the underlying issues that can lead some people to hold these views.

The future I see within the EU is a three tiered society. At the top will be the big corporations and the moneyed classes who will make the rules.
Below them will be the bureaucrats who live to serve the top tier, and make sure all their wishes are carried out, just as long as they get a good living out of it.
At the bottom will be the biggest demographic. The ordinary people, the lower paid workers, the unemployed, the sick, the disabled, the elderly, all slowly having the life, and all joy in life, squeezed out of them.

In fact, it will be just like the USA where those at the top care so little about their fellow citizens that big corporations and government officials can claim ordinary people have no right to water. No right to collect the rain that falls on their own land and no right to expect clean, safe water coming out of their taps, even after paying their water bills. Where people have to choose between buying food or paying for medicines. Where you have to sell your house in order to pay for an operation. Where politicians are bought and sold.

The irony is that the American people are demanding change, while we are just being herded along a similar path to the same sort of hell.

Even the terminology used in the EU is daunting and rather ominous. We are no longer individual countries with our own identity, we are Member States, just subservient parts of an unaccountable whole.

We’ve allowed other people to determine how we live for too long. We’ve been dragged into unnecessary wars which have just made everything worse. We’ve been dragged into an organisation which, when everything levels out as they wish it to, will mean that we are all stuck in stagnant mediocrity, except for the favoured few. We’ve been dragged into a system which is trying to create such a level playing field that all opportunity for growth and development will be stifled.

It really is time we started to think and act for ourselves if we want a country in which we, our children, our grandchildren and future generations can live, grow and prosper.

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