The ‘Too Big to Fail’ phenomenon.

We heard a lot about the  ‘too big to fail’ phenomenon in relation to banks and other financial institutions. The idea was that because they were so big, with such wide ranging influence and access to resources, they must be the best option if we wanted stability.

Bigger is better, isn’t it?

That’s what they wanted us to think, and we saw just what that led to in 2008. They started to believe their own hype and their over confidence led to the crash.

The same is happening with the EU. It’s big, and going to get bigger. It has it’s fingers stretched into every area of our lives and wants to tighten its grip.

The only countries to benefit from membership in recent times are those whose living standards were worse before they joined. The only ones wanting to join now are those who are financially and politically depressed (repressed). Just look at Turkey, a dictatorship in all but name.

But it’s starting to come apart at the seams. People across the 28 member states are starting to rebel against their governments and how they are letting the EU dominate all areas of their lives. The imposition of austerity measures on almost every population within the bloc is causing great harm to the biggest demographic – the lower paid worker, the sick, the disabled, the unemployed, the elderly – while the better off continue to flourish.

This can be seen in the rise of nationalism and the resurgence of far right politics. The fact that so many are calling for a change in their governments, who are not only letting this happen to them, but are actively encouraging it, has led to protests and riots in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Greece, The Netherlands, Austria and Italy. These have mostly not been reported in the British press in case people learn the truth, that the great gravy train of the EU is coming off the rails.

On top of all this, there is the feeling that our government leaders and other political leaders, are not seeing us as people; intelligent people, able to think for ourselves. In the past we had no choice but to accept what we were told through the medium of television and newspapers, we could be led in whatever direction the powers that be thought we should go; but now we have access to the internet.

My laptop links me to news resources of all kinds. I can find out in a couple of clicks what is happening outside of my own little world. I can read the accounts of global news outlets and comments from ‘ordinary’ people. I can read all this, the arguments from both sides, and what stands out is that people want change. They don’t want to have how they live dictated by large entities, whether government alliances or corporations, they want self determination as is their right.

Experts, from both sides, can make all the predictions they like, they are just about as useful as reading your horoscope. The only way to determine the future is to make it for yourself. Just about any life coach will tell you that in order to make things better you have to make changes, take a chance on something different. If it doesn’t work, then learn the lesson and keep moving forward. At the moment the way forward seems to be to leave the EU. Leave the ‘Too Big To Fail’ organisation and take a chance on something less dependent on others for success. Even David Cameron has admitted recently that the UK would thrive outside of the EU, so let’s see if he’s right.

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