Running Blindly Over The Cliff.

I find it really depressing that people are so convinced that the UK would not have been able to achieve clean air, good farming methods, workers rights, women’s rights and all the rest of it without the EU forcing us to it.

You only have to look at the progress made from the beginning of the 20th century to the time Edward Heath signed us up for the Common Market (now the EU) in 1973 to know that we were already on the right track and had in fact been world leaders in reform and progressive methodology.

Contrast the working and living conditions of the Victorian era with those we enjoyed in the Sixties, think about the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the great philanthropists like George Cadbury, the prison reformers like Sir Evelyn Ruggles-Brise and Sir Alexander Paterson , the formation of the NHS and medical advances such as the discovery of DNA and IVF treatment, the multitude of technological advances affecting all areas of life, the development of the Labour Party and the Unions fighting for the rights of working people. We did all this ourselves without being ‘forced’ to it by legislation from a centralised European entity. In fact we fought two world wars to ensure that Europe enjoys the freedoms it has today.

In addition, our academic and scientific communities have always shared in the global community of their peers bringing the best of research everywhere to our country.

The tendency now is just to do as we are told. Not to think about what is best for our particular country, just follow the methods outlined for us for the good of Europe as a whole, without looking too closely at whether they are actually good or whether they just benefit those who already have plenty. In fact, not to think at all, just follow the herd as it runs over a cliff.

A cliff formed by over-complicated financial dealings and legislation, back room deals which could beggar the country, austerity measures which cripple economic growth, insecure borders, a refugee crisis, hidden legislation which wont be revealed until after the referendum, a surge in far right nationalism as each country’s people rebel, and more .

The cliff just keeps getting higher, and the drop more lethal, the closer we are to it.

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