My Thoughts on the EU

I found this on Facebook this week:

“All next week, BBC Breakfast is running a special series called EU Decide to help you make sense of the issues and differences between the Remain and Leave parties. With a month to go on Monday, we want to know what you think. Are you clear on what way you will vote in the European Referendum? Do you understand the arguments from each side? Let us know.“

This was my reply:

I understand that corporate and political America want to keep us in the EU where we will be railroaded into TTIP where they will be able to rule us by threatening to sue our government if we don’t do as they want. This is why all these US politicians keep popping up to tell us what to do.

I understand that anybody who has a good job, has a good income and/or benefits greatly from EU handouts doesn’t want us to derail their gravy train.

I understand that we are only one country out of 28, that we have very few MEPs allied with the dominant parties in the EU, that the Conservative MEPs are in a marginalised party all of their own and that we have absolutely no influence in either the European Commission or the European Council.

I understand that our government would prefer us not to know all the dodgy deals they are doing behind closed doors to privatise/sell off our infrastructure, industry and public services including the NHS.

I understand that thousands of people across the EU are dissatisfied with the EU and the parts their governments are playing in it especially with regard to TTIP.

I also understand that mainstream media seems very reluctant to cover any expression of dissatisfaction. There have been marches and riots in France, Germany, Spain, Greece and Holland, to name a few places, but they’ve mostly not been mentioned in our media.

I understand that British politicians are currently campaigning either to stay or leave based entirely on their own personal preferences, without reference to their political party and often completely at odds with many of their own constituents.

Finally, I understand that we need to assert our human rights, regain our sovereignty and our self determination, as is our right, and grow a backbone so as to move into the future outside of the EU.

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