I’ve been thinking…

…about the war in Syria, all the refugees and the terrorist attacks we hear of on a daily basis. I worry about this stuff because I have children and grandchildren and I’d like them to live in a world without all this conflict. So I started researching the history of this particular conflict in Syria and came up with the following.

The Battle of the Pipelines.

Go onto Google, search “Syria pipeline” and you will come up with a list of articles all telling you the same thing – the trouble in Syria, and the reason the lives of so many refugees have been turned upside down or lost altogether, plus the reason why half the world is under attack (or fear of attack) from “radical Islamic terrorists”, is because the United States and its allies want a different gas pipeline to the one President Assad of Syria has already agreed with his allies, with the backing of Russia, in 2011/2012.

Both would need to cross Syria, so you would think that the people there, and their President, would get to choose which one. The Syrians even have their own gas field to bring into play, but no, the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE et al want their pipeline so they have deliberately destabilised Syria with the object of bringing down Assad to negate the agreement he has already signed. This in turn would mean that they would control gas supplies to the growing European market with added benefit to Turkey who would not only get significant financial benefit but would also get a step closer to enforcing their entry into the EU.

Just take a look at these articles (there are many more), from different sources. They all paint the same picture:

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-24/oil-gas-war-over-syria-4-maps (added 20/02/2017)

http://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/The-Natural-Gas-War-Burning-Under-Syria.html (added 20/02/2017)




So there you have it, all this conflict and loss of life is about making money from fossil fuels and controlling Europe (and the Middle East). Or at least that’s a large part of it.

There are even hints that the renewed effort to clear the terrorists out of Mosul may be linked to yet another proposed pipeline route where Syria is avoided altogether and the Qatari pipeline runs up through Iraq to Turkey. This would partly explain Turkey’s illegal presence in both northern Syria and Iraq. The other parts of the explanation are, of course, Erdogan’s hatred of the Kurds, who he wants to obliterate, and his wish to extend the Turkish border south to fulfill his dreams of the return of the Ottoman Empire. (added 20/02/2017)

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